The Samson Siasia Foundation objective is to uplift the human spirit through soccer and sports. To give a chance for anyone that wants play a CHANCE TO PLAY AGAIN .

Due to its vast reach, unparalleled popularity and foundation of positive values, sports is definitely one of the greatest things man has ever created. It's also a powerful tool that breaks down all the barriers and helps us feel good about ourselves, both physically and mentally.


The idea behind the establishment of the Siaone Foundation is to train and explore young football talents and exciting their potential for greater opportunities in the football industry.


A strong commitment to providing excellent basic and advanced football instruction, in a safe and peaceful environment, where the players will have an enjoyable, positive learning experience to adequately prepare them to face the challenges of a successful life in general, and a professional football career.


A regional leader of developing top football talents and a bed for developing the latest methods of training individual players and teams as best suited to the modern demands of life and professional football.


Gather the best available football talents and wholly develop them first as individuals and subsequently as excellent professional footballers.


  1. To provide opportunities for exceptional young players to play, learn and enjoy the game of football.
  2. Continually develop players and individuals to understand the technical and tactical aspect of football as played at the highest level of the game.
  3. To research, formulate, monitor and evaluate policy on youth and football to become a leader in youth football development themes in its community.
  4. Engineer a successful marriage between football and scholarly achievements.



All Ages (2 - 15 years) train at the school, based on the school time and day(s).

For School: We organize training for schools and you can reach us via +2349098722222 or +2349055555067

Regular Program

Age Range Days Time Venue
2 years - 13 years Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30AM - 12:30AM Abuja Stadium
14 years - 15 years Wednesdays & Fridays 9:30AM - 12:30AM Abuja Stadium
  • We Learn

    To work under experienced coaches

  • We Train

    To develop both team and individual skills

  • We Grow

    Develop pathway to Regional / National leagues

  • We Win

    We create and accomplish a winning mindset

  • - Strong Youth Football Development From An Internationally Recognized Coach
  • - Coaching Successes With Youth Players Aged U5-U20
  • - Learn From The Coach That Took Nigeria's U20's To The World Final
  • - Talented Young Players Gain Skills, Confidence, & Recognition
  • - Existing Day (Ages 15-20) & Weekend Programs (Ages 4-14)
  • - Schools in session training for children. ( Ages 4-16)
  • - Holiday and weekend training for pupils and students.
  • - Private training for children and youth.
  • - Seeking Corporate Sponsorships, Individual Donations, & International Grants
  • - Accepting New Players For Our Current Academy Programs
  • - Currently Scouting Players 15+ For First Team
  • - Learn To Manage The Responsibilities Of International Football Careers
  • - Soliciting International Assistance & Partners for the Academy
The Sports Academy is a great opportunity to develop great skill and confidence in football, while continuing with further educaton. Become skilled and self-disciplined on the pitch and off, as an intelligent footballer capable of making his way in the world. The Siaone Soccer Academy uncovers raw talent and also develops the skills of solid performers who play regularly. Many current players are of a club or standard, although enthusiastic non-club players are welcome and will benefit from the opportunities provided.
  • - To work under experienced coaches
  • - To develop both team and individual skills
  • - Player development pathway to Regional / National leagues
  • - Extended football opportunities in Abuja, Nigeria, throughout Africa, and around the World
  • - Specific soccer qualifications and additional award recognition
  • - Compete in various college leagues and local or regional tournaments
  • The Siaone Soccer Academy seeks partnership with multiple, international football clubs to provide a comprehensive program of coaching, skill development, and outreach. We want players to experience many opportunities to compete in leagues and tournaments, such as for one of the college football sides. Players from our Football Academy can expect the following:

  • - Quality coaching and development delivered by F.A. qualified coaches
  • - Possible progression into Nigeria's junior or national Football Club reserve or first teams - or an equivalent standard here or abroad.
  • - Coaches and players have opportunities to undertake coaching and refereeing qualifications, awards such as the First4Sport FA Coaching Level 1 certificate, and more ...